My Neighborhood

Part 2: Spring blossoming on campus w/video

I couldn’t resist sharing a few more photos and video of the height of Spring. The lilacs are out now, too, so that means I’d better hurry and get my yearly bunch before they’re gone. Video shows the petals dropping and giving the landscape its soft-focus appearance.

I heard the call of pheasants today, too, and it made me chuckle. Things are ramping up in the forest.

Hope you enjoy this little slice of life in Korea.

VIDEO: Folk village this morning.
VIDEO: Love Road on campus. It’s a popular place for strolling. My pup Bo makes a cameo 🙂

I’ll check back soon with some crafty goodness – I’m getting ever-so-close to finishing my Fedde stole, and really enjoying how quickly my mandala is taking shape.

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