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Fedde Stole is finished! Plus: pompom prep

I am beyond delighted to have finally finished the Fedde stole, one of my “Covid projects” that has taken slow fashion to a new level. And I mean, sloowww… this one took me about 10 months from start to finish. Granted, I have tons of other projects going as well as a day job, but I have long ago accepted that I am not the quickest stitcher in the world. I am one who enjoys the journey as much as the destination.

Speaking of other projects, I am also about to finish up the second Sakura mandala, which will become a 50″ round pillow cover. It will be somewhat bigger than I thought it would – big enough to use as a floor cushion for a person. I’m making 24 pompoms to go around it, using Scheepjes Softfun and one of my favorite crafting gadgets, a pompom maker by Clover.

I’m amazed at how much cleverness must have gone into designing this gadget. I have small and mini pompom makers (45mm and 35 mm) that I got some time ago to make embellishments for pillows and amigurumi.

I’ve ordered two more ingenious crafting gadgets that I have been wanting for some time, a yarn swift and a ball winder; when they arrive, I’ll share them here and demonstrate.

If you’re a crafter (or a cook, fitness buff, or general gadget fan), what are some gadgets that you can’t live without?

3 thoughts on “Fedde Stole is finished! Plus: pompom prep

  1. I couldn’t live without my pompom makers – I remember the painful hours as a child threading yarn through cardboard rings. I have used a yarn winder and a swift for many years now because I was a machine knitter from 2002-2012. Still use them regularly now. Saves hours.

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    1. Oh, you are so right! I am sure I will wonder what I did without the winder and swift once I get started. I’ve long imagined multi-tasking with them. xxoo


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