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Sakura mandala cushion is finished, plus assorted WIPs

What a blast it was to make the Sakura Mandala cushion cover! I made two mandalas with Scheepjes Softfun yarn and a 3.50mm hook, and sewed them together for the cover. Part of the fun was the 24 pompoms that encircle it – justifying my very smart purchase of Clover pompom makers, which I’m now obsessed with; I will be making many more puffballs in my future. This 50″ cushion is lofty enough for floor sitting, which I fully intend to do a lot more of, now.

I feel I should say a few words about the color scheme, which is a little outside the norm for what I usually do. The soft red, periwinkle, and neutral poms were chosen because I spotted a finished item somewhere online with these colors, and was taken with the mix – yet, I had reservations once I got the yarn home and started making it. I am still on the fence about the black pompoms in the mix. I might change them out to be periwinkle – let’s see.

I’m now well into another wrap, this one a free Berroco pattern made with their “Mykonos” yarn in a deep blue shade. The yarn is sleek and has a subtle glow to it, and it is a tiny bit tricky to ball up. I do love how this wrap is taking shape, and can’t wait to throw it over a white sundress.

I also want to share a couple photos of one of my favorite summer treats in Korea – mul naengmyeon (물냉면), or iced buckwheat noodles with julienned cucumber, shaved fresh ginger, gochujang, and sesame. It’s the simplest thing in the world, but the cold, chewy noodles are so satisfying on a hot day. We’ve had a couple of hot ones already here in my region, and June isn’t even upon us yet.

I’ll leave you with one more visual of early Korean summer, poppies.

PHOTO: Poppies are everywhere on my campus. These are by the big west-side pond.

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