My Neighborhood

A peek at today’s forest walk

I’ve been awol here lately, not for lack of motivation; I’ve just been underwater with work. I managed to get out into the forest today with my pup and take some photos of how things look around the Solstice time. It’s becoming a proper jungle out there, as it always does, and there are great sights, sounds, and smells to enjoy on our walks.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I have nothing special planned, other than finding time to bake a carrot cake. It might have to wait another day, but I promise to share some photos here of the result. I’m going to put pineapple in it for the first time, which was highly recommended to me, so let’s see how it turns out.

Still plugging away at WIPs, too, and I’ll have a couple of finished objects to show hopefully before the end of this month.

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