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“Backstage” with the mystery project + other WIPs

Time for another entry to my crafting log – this week I have only ongoing work to share. I just began a new project that I am doing entirely free-hand, that is, no pattern. This idea involves three cylindrical forms of different proportional widths, as well as a great deal of scrap/stash yarn! Two of the round forms were repurposed, and one of them I had to make myself to complement the other two sizes.

I’ll give you one hint as to what the final article will be. Its purpose will be to celebrate something. That hint might blow the whole mystery! But that’s ok. I am still working on a lot of details to pull the idea together, and not certain when I will have it finished, but I am guessing close to the end of this month.

I’m also working on two blankets of different sizes and at different stages. I’m almost done with the rose-colored matelassé beauty. When all elements are stitched together and the border is done, I am still not sure who will be the recipient. The dragonfly throw, however, is happily spoken for, and I’m having a blast adding white/gray/blue gradient rounds to it.

That’s all for today! Happy belated July 4th to my American friends. I’ll pop back here later this week to share some images from an upcoming human + dog beach adventure in Busan. Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on ““Backstage” with the mystery project + other WIPs

  1. From one photo I initially guessed ‘christmas napkin rings’ then I looked properly and I have changed my mind – still not sure what they will become now! The blankets are cute, especially the dragonfly one, so delicate.

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