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WIP updates & Busan sea view

Korea is deep into the mid-summer monsoon season, with heavy rains, heat, humidity, spectacular cloud formations, and glaring sun when it does shine. I just returned from a quick trip to Busan, Korea’s second-largest city, at the southernmost tip of the peninsula. I lived in Busan for three years when I first began working in Korea, and since then, Busan has developed into a much more dog-friendly and generally cosmopolitan city. I traveled with with one of my dear friends and our dogs, and she introduced me to some dog-friendly places that I’ll definitely return to.

One of our dog walks was around Dongbaek Island (동백섬 – Camellia Island), which is one of my favorite places anywhere in Korea. I found out Dongbaek actually used to be an island, but is now technically a peninsula, due to the long-term build-up of sediment. It takes about 45 minutes to walk around the island, and there are endless views of the rocky coastline, native plants, and even some wildlife – we spotted a huge nesting flock of cranes along our path. Much better photos of the island than mine can be found on the internet; here’s one website that also shows a map. In the future, I’ll write a post that tells more about Busan.

I’m also inching along with the (too) many projects on my plate. I’ve shared photos of just three. The dragonfly throw is in progress, and I’m waiting to get a specific dark blue yarn for the border that happens to be chronically out of stock.

I’m also working on the “mystery” project, which now you can see is stacked up like a layer cake. The hard part of finding suitable forms and covering them is finished; now, I get to have fun and create the many different elements that will adorn it. This cake will also have LED “candles” on it and a few other surprises. Lastly, I’ve started a scarf with a yarn I loved working with on a previous project, Scheepjes Wanderlust. This time I’m using a different colorway that’s quite pretty. I plan to gift this beauty once it’s finished.

I’ve got loads of other ideas and projects on the back burner. As usual, there is so much to do, and never enough time. Thanks for checking in! I hope all are well and safe.

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