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Octagon blanket is nearly finished & bonus! :) Peach pie

We are deep into monsoon season here in South Korea. I think last time I wrote, I described a torrential rain; we had a heat wave after that, and now thunderstorms have returned.

Peaches are in season now, and for awhile I’ve been imagining a wonderful peach tart, so I made one this evening, with a buttery pâte sablée, peaches piled high, and custard poured over it all before baking. It’s garnished with almond slices, and I couldn’t resist a dollop of whipped cream. You can find the recipe here.

The octagon blanket is almost totally pieced together. It has been a labor of love, even though I have taken many long breaks from it. For some time I was bored with it as I moved on to other projects, but the enjoyment and appreciation have returned as I put the final stitches in, and I can’t wait to gift this blanket to a special family member when I visit the States early next year.

I’ll check in again soon with more news and photos. Until then, be well!

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