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Late summer bits and bobs

Just a couple of craft updates as the summer is winding down. I did keep a promise to myself to try out Tunisian crochet, which I had been meaning to do for some time. I learned three stitches this summer, as well as practiced color-changes, so I’m ready to make a small first-time project soon.

VIDEO: Wind-spinner made from scrap yarn. Find the free video tutorial at Ophelia Talks on YouTube.

Meanwhile, the dragonfly throw is making good progress, and I was finally able to source online the yarn I need for the border! So it’s full steam ahead now for the last part of this wonderful little blanket.

Finally, in between finishing my bigger crochet projects, I made a wind-spinner from scrap yarn, from a free pattern by Ophelia Talks. It was such a breeze to make, that I will definitely be making a bunch more of them! In past blog posts, I’ve described lots of other things made using my scraps, including a lanyard, nests for rescued wildlife, and more than one pillow cover.

There are several more languishing projects that I will pick up again once I’ve gotten settled into the semester at work.

PHOTO: A pond at my workplace that has some unusual lily pads – they are bigger than a platter and have an edge.

I’ll leave you for now with a shot of the very photogenic university where I work – this one shows a lovely pond near my building.

4 thoughts on “Late summer bits and bobs

  1. Those lily pads are really amazing!
    I was shown how to do Tunisian crotchet a couple of years ago, but sadly I still have not got around to doing it. I think the wind spinner is lovely, and went to the pattern link. It looks easy enough for an amateur like me, so I’ve decided to try and make one!

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