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Newly-finished 100% yak cardigan with hood

Another of my wonderful projects, the Mama Bear cardigan, is finally “off the hook.” This is a truly well-written pattern by Mon Petit Violon. It was a joy to make and I look forward to wearing it once the temperature dips just a bit more (and, actually sharing a photo of myself, not the mannequin, for a change).

Working with 100% yak yarn made it that much more enjoyable. This yarn has a squishy, supple texture like any fine wool. The finished garment is hefty, but still has a lot of spring to it. I chose not to add buttons to this one, even though the pattern allowed for it. Apart from some tiny sizing tweaks, I didn’t make any other changes to it. I fashioned the sleeves to fall to the wrist bone, as I prefer. If I make another one, I may add buttons.

I love that I learn or improve something in my technique each time I do a long-term project, and this was no exception. I discovered a simple stitch pattern that works well for garment borders (and hoods).

If I could go back and change anything, I’d make the hood a tiny bit smaller, and I’d figure out a way to add pockets, because a deep set of pockets in cozy sweater is everything! But I love it as-is, too. I made another sweater the year before last, from a pattern by the same designer, and it is one of my favorite cold weather garments (that one doesn’t have buttons, either, but it does have pockets).

I also shared a photo of a blocked mitred square that will form part of a fun “swoncho” (sweater-poncho) using Lion Brand Scarfie gradient yarn. I’ve got to make several mitred squares and triangles, and block them all before sewing together.

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