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Nammeji Lake sculpture festival + holiday bits

Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas! Whatever winter celebrations you may observe, may they be joyful, safe, and healthy.

I’m preparing for a trip to the States next month, my first in two and a half years. I feel a mixture of excitement, hopefulness, anxiety, and sadness as I get ready to go. The pandemic continues to shape daily life here in Korea, which is so different from the reality back home, so I imagine I’ll experience a bit of reverse culture shock when I get to California.

Winter in my corner of Korea has been mild so far, but we are in for a cold snap starting tomorrow, on Christmas Day. Luckily I was able to get out with my pup while it was still good weather and check out this year’s Nammeji Lake Sculpture Festival, such a fun and quirky collection of public art that is only steps away from my apartment. My favorite sculpture is the tyrannosaurus rex made out of junk (check out the details in photos above). You can check out my blog post from last year’s festival, here. I think this year’s collection of sculptures is even bigger than 2020. Among the artworks, I was also heartened to see a brand-new shelter for the feral cats that inhabit the neighborhood. This little lake is a real treasure to have so close to my place.

PHOTO: The Mont Blanc cardigan is nearing completion! I’m just adding the furry finishing touches.

The Mont Blanc cardi is almost done! I’m having fun adding all the fur touches at the collar and cuffs. I should be ready to share with you the finished object real soon.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll post before year’s end with more news.

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