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Cheshire Cat amigurumi

Here is my Cheshire Cat amigurumi, finished after putting this pattern aside for some time. He has a few imperfections, but overall still possesses a weird charm. One thing that made me want to share him here is that this cat looks so much like a Korean traditional painting of a tiger (호랑이 horangi minhwa). You can read a blog post I wrote a few months ago about minhwa, here. I’ve wondered for some time if the Disney animation was inspired by the “idiot tiger” depiction in Korean folk art.

Each piece is crocheted and then sewn together. I used a “D” hook, and mainly acrylic yarns for this, plus a little black felt and some thread for sewing. The legs and tail are wired and stuffed with poly fiberfill. He is an awkward little figure, but he is growing on me.

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