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Current stitch sitch’ :)

I know, I’m a geek with these titles.

Just a quick craft diary update, to show some WIPs with their stiches and yarns. I’ve got way too many things going at once, as usual! Here are four of them:

Top left, chevron stitch and The Yarn Collective Bloomsbury in Fuschia (will be a scarf). Top right, puff stitches and double crochet form an interesting raised texture, using two strands of laceweight Drops mohair/silk 70/30 in ivory and lavender. It is an almost-finished mega shawl.

Below-right, net stiches with evenly-spaced shells using Berocco Remix in Eggplant. This is a wonderful recycled yarn with a mix of nylon/cotton/acrylic/silk/linen. It’s on its way to making a rustic scarf just like one I made last year.

Bottom, a rib-knit using back post double crochet, and Rowan Felted Tweed yarn in Clay. I love this yarn, as I used it for one of my favorite cardigans, and so glad I found a great pattern to use it again. This will be the neck of a poncho.

2021 was one of the saddest years of my life. I hope 2022 will be much better for all. I’m staying busy and continue to plan for good things, even if some of those plans ultimately go awry. The last photo is of me on campus yesterday, wearing one of my hats and the new furry shirt-jacket. See you again soon!

Happy New Year! It’s cold here today 😀 So glad that I have my survival sewing skills…

6 thoughts on “Current stitch sitch’ :)

  1. Gosh Pam, what a wonderful set of WIP’s! I’d be flat out try to complete one, let alone four! I like the popcorn stitch of the second, and it’s colour. I’m so sorry to hear that last year was so bad for you, and this new year will hopefully be a huge improvement on the last. I really do hope your travel plans reach fruition and you can see your family again. By the way, the shirt jacket looks fabulous on you!! Looking forward to seeing the other projects you have planned for this year. Take care, Megan

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts 😊 I love the texture of those puff stitches, too. Yes, hopefully will visit my family in July as I had to cancel my trip this time. I’ll keep plugging along with projects and hope to complete at least one more garment during my break!
      Happy new year!! 🎉❤️🤩

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      1. Here in Queensland the opening of schools for the new school year has been postponed by two weeks due to the infection rate of Omnicron, and people have been asked to work from home where possible for the next two weeks. Luckily it is not too much of an impact for us. Good luck with your projects. How long is your break?


  2. Great stitch reveal. The bottom one reminds me – I have a half made summer top in similar shades and similar stitch ! I must dig that out when I have worked on a few other ‘current’ projects. I always have too many, you are not alone. Like the hat too – cute shade of fluffy pompom – brings a cheery pop to it.

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    1. Love to see your summer top! Thank you for your comments – yes this pompom came from a wonderful Etsy seller who makes them in a bunch of different colors and sizes. He’s my go-to pompom guy 🤓 cheers❤️ and Happy new year!


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