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New embroidery adventure + Japanese coloring book

Just a couple of crafty updates to share. I recently ordered some exquisite coloring books by the Japanese artist Kanoko Egusa. They were shipped to me from Pomadour, an Etsy seller in Niigata, Japan. Below are a few sample pages with adorable, fanciful animal figures and floral themes. I think my mom will like this one.

I’ve also just finished my first-ever embroidery project, with a wonderful kit by Jessica Long Embroidery. I got a sampler kit with a video tutorial that really helped this newbie. I’ve been wanting to try embroidery for a very long time, and now I guess I’ve acquired another craft hobby! Hopefully, the materials for this one don’t take up as much room as all my others…

Thanks so much for visiting my craft diary! I’ll be back soon with a new embroidery venture and a scarf that is almost finished.

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