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Mini update: New Life mandala in progress

My semester is back in full swing, and I’m alternating between the classroom and Zoom classes, as the Covid protocols make the return to “normal” life a bit rocky for the time being. There are a couple of small projects I have started recently that I can fit into short bursts of free time that I have. First is the beautiful “New Life” mandala pattern by one of my fave Dutch designers, Mark at The Guy With the Hook. I’m just about 20 rounds in, with more than 30 to go.

I actually got this mandala pattern last year, because I had such a great time making his (slightly more complicated) Spice Market design, and I wanted to try another that used an entire Scheepjes Whirl. I have several Whirls in my yarn collection, as well as some “off-brands” that are just as pretty, I think, but cost about half the price. For the New Life design, I’m using a YarnArt Flowers gradient yarn cake, in colorway 274, which is a blend of medium gray, white, peach, and spring green. The fiber content of this cake is 55/45 cotton/acrylic, and it’s the same weight and yardage as a Whirl. I’m using a 3.00mm hook for this design.

PHOTO: In progress, Goldenrod shawl is a free pattern by Polish designer My Crochetory.

I’m also starting a new openwork shawl, with a pattern by the talented Sylwia at My Crochetory. The yarn I choose is Phil Lolita, a 10/90 wool/acrylic French brand that has the feel of a mohair blend. In fact I bought the yarn first, before deciding what to do with it. This yarn is an ethereal blue, and along with its airiness and the open-weave pattern, should result in a cotton candy confection of a garment.

No more craft progress that is worth reporting at the moment, but I’ll try to check in sooner than later to share something from my back burner. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a ranunculus blossom from this week’s market flowers, and some of the first cherry blossoms peeking out in a local park (taken with my iPhone 12 Pro). We are on the verge of spring here in Korea. Ciao for now!

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