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One Fine Spring Sunday + “New Life” mandala progress

Just a few photos and words to catch you up on one of my current WIPs, the “New Life” mandala. As of today, I’ve zipped ahead to round 34, and well into the green section of the YarnArt gradient cake (see photos below).

I also have a few shots of today’s walk around my neighborhood’s small lake. It has been a windy but mildly warm Sunday, and my dog really enjoyed himself. Some of the cherry blossoms are already showing, along with delicate plum, magnolia, camellia, and bright yellow forsythia. We shared a lunchtime burger along the shore.

More mandala progress and a couple of new projects next time. Thanks for stopping by!

One thought on “One Fine Spring Sunday + “New Life” mandala progress

  1. Your crotchet mandala is looking amazing! I do love the colours of the ‘cake’. It is lovely seeing your spring flowers especially as we start cooling off and head towards autumn. Your doggy looks soooo patient, waiting for his treat!


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