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“New Life” crocheted mandala is finished

The “New Life” mandala is done, just in time for Spring. This is a lovely pattern by The Guy With the Hook, designed to use an entire 1000m gradient yarn cake. I made mine with YarnArt Flowers and a 3.00mm hook. It is just big enough to trim my kitchen table (below, you can see it in the sunlight on my patio table).

To adjust the stitches after finishing, I blocked the piece on a child’s play mat using pearl head pins, then sprayed it lightly with lavender water and let it dry overnight. The finished size is about 70cm square. I will try to make a short video of this piece so the stiches and colors can be better seen.

A few weeks ago, I posted about three Japanese coloring books by Kanoko Egusa I received in the mail. I hauled out my Copic brush markers yesterday and finally tackled one of the smaller images that has no art on the backside (the markers bleed through paper). I will definitely use colored pencils for most of the rest of these beautiful images. It has been ages since I’ve spent time coloring, and it’s great therapy.

Lastly I share with you some of the delights of Spring here in Korea, candy-colored blossoms, blue sky, and cottony clouds. In the bottom photo, one can just make out figures of ladies collecting mugwort shoots as they typically do this time of year.

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