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WIP progress: shawl + mandala

A few crafty updates – I’ve been quite busy at the end of the semester, but still plugging along with some WIPs. One of them is a gradient shawl using a Scheepjes Whirl + a Whirlette to extend the pattern. It’s rare for me to make a garment in these shades of blue and purple, and I really like how it is coming out.

The doily/mandala is a Ukrainian pattern of leaves. I’m using a chart with symbols, and I enjoy this method more and more. Especially with pattern repeats, it is very easy to find one’s place again with a chart. I love how this mandala is progressing. I’ll be sure to take photos when I have it blocked and the leaf pattern is really visible. Should I string this on a circular frame when I’m finished? I had contemplated hanging it.

One photo I share above is a beautiful pineapple shawl I made more than 2 years ago, using a cotton yarn of vibrant sunset hues. I meant to wear it one of my trips to SE Asia, but think I’m going to bring this home to California in July. I haven’t worn it much, and it makes me smile. The pattern reminds me of flames. Click the link above to see more photos.

Finally, I can’t leave without sharing a pic of Bo in the meadow (above). It has been hot lately, but I managed to get him out to his favorite walking spot recently, as well as get photos of the practically perfect summer sky.

PHOTO: Meadow in my neighborhood, one of our favorite walking spots

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