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WIP progress report

I’ve been working in the round lately 😆 About two days ago, I started a fast-moving circular cardigan with a fun mandala pattern on the back. I’m using Lang Sunshine Wool Addicts yarn, a sumptuous, glossy mercerized cotton. It has a braided structure which contributes to a nice stitch definition. This yarn has been in my stash for more than two years, waiting for its purpose – I actually won a bundle of this yarn, knitting needles, and pattern books from a Lang giveaway on Instagram. Thank you again, friends at Lang Yarns.

The yarn is worsted in a gold/mustard shade that I think has been discontinued. There are some beautiful jewel tones in the collection at this writing, though, if you’re in the market for a top notch cotton yarn that’s perfect for summer garments.

My second update is the Ukrainian leaf mandala/doily pattern, a much slower-moving piece using mercerized cotton thread. Same material, but handles so much differently as I am often pausing to untwist the working strand. Even though it’s fussy, I love this small work. Can’t wait to show you the finished article.

My posts are coming fewer this month as I finish the semester, but I project a glut of finished pieces and photos from my upcoming summer adventures back in California. Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “WIP progress report

  1. The circular cardigan looks interesting, and the colour is lovely! I do like the Ukrainian mandala design. You must be pretty excited that your holiday back home is nearing! It will be lovely to see your Californian photos!

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    1. Thank you very much! I love this color, too. It’s hard to capture in a photo, though – really deep gold hue. Yes, looking forward to going back to the US after so long. I will surely post once I’m there😃🙏🏻❤️

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