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Peek at summer trip photos; my crochet project this month

Greetings from Korea! I came back from California about three weeks ago, and have since started my new semester. I’ve had a hard time getting back into blogging after coming back, but I’m working on posting more regularly from now on! One gets busy simply living life, and occasionally neglects to document things.

VIDEO: A view of Trinidad, California. You can hear that the wind was brisk that day. Such a beautiful place.

A good part of the summer was spent with my parents and sister’s family in San Diego, which was a good, relaxing reunion after not having been back for almost three years.

When not socializing or playing tourist, I managed to keep going with a few crochet projects; I am almost finished with at least three of them, so I’ll be sure to post the finished objects very soon. I stalled a bit on two of them, as I was waiting for a shipment of more yarn to arrive.

I’ll have more to share in no time. Until then, be well and stay safe! I am bracing for a typhoon that will blow through here in the next 24 hours (the tail end of monsoon season), so that will add some drama and beauty to my surroundings.

One thought on “Peek at summer trip photos; my crochet project this month

  1. Welcome back! I missed seeing your regular posts, but this one made up for it with photos of all the lovely places you have been to! I’m so pleased you had a great time visiting your family. Going back home can be very stressful if you try and cram in too many things. I did that on my first visit back home, 6 years after emigrating, and it was too exhausting trying to catch up with everyone. Lovely to see all your projects. (I’m still finishing off the throw, but I will post pictures of it for you. Be warned though, I’m a real amateur compared to you! ) Glad you are back into the swing of things… does take a while especially after a long holiday!


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