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WIP update – weekend makes

Just a quick one to give a progress report on some current projects. I’ve finally hooped up the Ukrainian mandala, which measures about 16 inches across. It isn’t as tightly stretched as I’d like, but still good for display. Now I’m inspired to do a bigger one, and maybe add fringe or even beads.

I’ve got another shawl going with King Cole Riot yarn, in colorway 3439 Sandstone. I love these soft desert hues. It should be stunning with lots of fringe when it’s complete. You can check out another project here that I made with different hues of Riot – a granny square scarf – and find a free pattern for it, too!

Finally, a close-up of the Kodiak wrap I’ve been working on slowly all summer. I still have 1/2 a panel, the hood, and trim to finish. It might not be ready to wear until mid-to-late October.

I’m going to start another gnome figure soon, as well. I have already earmarked the first one to send to the US.

Weather here in Korea today is perfection. We are entering that part of the year with clear blue skies, warm days, cool nights, low humidity, and fall colors. I’ll share a lake walk with you soon! Until then, take care.

4 thoughts on “WIP update – weekend makes

  1. The Ukranian mandala looks fantastic displayed as you have it on the wall. You can easily see the intricate pattern of the design, and it looks amazing. You are right about the lovely soft desert hues of the wool used for the shawl.
    It is great seeing you back on WP after your holiday at home. Sorry I have been a little MIA, but it has been quite hectic here. Your dog must be thrilled to have you back with him again.

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    1. Thanks so much for checking in. You always leave such kind comments. Yes, my boy went a little crazy with happiness when I got back. It was the longest we’d been separated.
      Hope your hectic has calmed a bit and you are well.

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      1. Oh I can just imagine how excited he was! I think I’m planning my work more carefully so that I have more time to read and respond to posts. Although semi-retired we still have a pretty hectic and busy life here. Thank you for asking, yes I’m keeping well thanks.
        PS I’m trying to setup a craft blog so that I can show you some of the things I have made. That is my WIP, but hopefully I will get it going before Christmas. Fingers Crossed. But be warned, I’m not half as good as you are with your crotchet!

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