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New tasseled shawl; Autumn views of my neighborhood

Just checking in with some photos of my recent walks in my neighborhood, plus a new shawl. The folk village is one of my favorite local walks in autumn. Every year the rice crop fades from vivid green to a stunning gold hue before it’s harvested, and it makes for a wonderful photo op. The sky seems a bit more vivid this time of year, too. I’m not sure why; maybe it’s the angle of the sun’s rays, or perhaps the more windy conditions clear the air pollution?

I just finished this easy shawl last night, and I love the colorway and the huge tassels. I used three skeins of King Cole Riot yarn in 3439 Sandstone, a mix of soft grays, gold, and pink. I edged the shawl with a darker charcoal gray wool yarn that I had in my stash. The stitches are single- and double-crochets in a simple open weave pattern. Tassels are of the Riot yarn, and I made them my favorite way – extra fat. For all, I used one of my Denise convertible hooks, size I – 5.5mm. I love making and wearing shawls during the colder months.

The silk belt in the third photo is a handmade piece I found in Luang Prabang, Laos. For a peek at my Laos adventure, click here.

On the back burner – I’m working on a gorgeous tonal gray alpaca wrap that’s almost finished. It’s huge, and took about double the yarn that I was expecting, but now I just have the hood and trim to do. I’m also working on another gnome figure, as well as a shawl that has a complicated stitch pattern, so it has been slow-going.

I’ll be sure to take you along on another walk with me soon. Meantime, here’s a quick video of my yarn swift and ball winder in action! I’ve readied some merino wool yarn for a future project.

Yarn Swift and Ball Winder

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