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A quick hello – WIPs and ginkgo leaves

It’s already mid-November – my semester is a race to the finish. Only three weeks to go before final exams start! I’ve managed to make slow progress on some crafty items, including a gnome figure that still needs his beard and hat. The photo shows that he’s already got his suspenders and the cutest rainbow buttons that I found at the traditional market.

The gnome is all made of Phildar Coton 3 using a 3.25mm hook. I should have an update about him by next week!

I’m also working on a Tramonto shawl pattern with lace-weight merino. The yarn is Portland Lace by The Yarn Collective, in color Sheepish. I’m maintaining rather loose stitches with a 3.75m hook.

Lastly, some fun rainbow sparkly pastel acrylic I found in Daiso a couple of days ago. I grabbed a few skeins thinking it would make a perfect unicorn base (my niece needs a unicorn in her life). More soon on this project! 😆

I’ll leave you with a few shots of my boy on his big walk yesterday. Bodhi loves his walkies and we had a nice leafy cushion along our way, ending up at the lake, where we shared a burger for lunch.

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