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Christmas Stockings

We are now officially ready for Santa here with my just-made Christmas stockings, from an adorable pattern by Gipsy Queen Von Tanja. The pattern has two versions, a classic sock shape, and an elf shape with a curled toe.

What I love about these is that they can be made in various sizes (mine are smallish, at about 22cm in length), and you can use any combination of yarns including leftovers in your stash. Adding bells, beads, or pompoms is also encouraged! Staying with the same yarn weight throughout the work will make your stocking have an even appearance. In my examples, I’m using worsted-weight acrylic yarn in white, green, red, and shades of blue. The white pompom was made with a Clover pompom maker.

The fringe on the top half of the stocking is a good place to put bells or beads if so desired. I added some interesting glass beads in my craft stash that I bought long ago as part of a kit from Michael’s, and the tiny jingle bells (0.5 to 0.8cm) were purchased on Etsy.

Here’s a quick peek at a batch of homemade marshmallows that I cranked out last week. I first made them two years ago, and they really are a lot of fun – but somewhat messy in the process (powdery and sticky). Homemade marshmallows might be a cool project for older kids with moderate supervision (heat and a candy thermometer is involved). Check out my post in December 2020 for a detailed look at the marshmallow-making process, plus a recipe link.

Finally, I am officially putting myself on the hook for WordPress’ 2023 Bloganuary event. That means I’ll be making a valiant attempt to blog daily in January 2023, by briefly answering a daily question posed by the folks at WordPress. It may, or may not, be a craft-, travel-, or Korea-related question, but my hope is that by participating, a small fire ignites under me to blog more frequently this coming year.

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