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Holiday visitor – new cockatiel amigurumi

Just finished a new friend to add to my crochet menagerie – a life-sized cockatiel (nymphicus holandicus). This little plushie has captured my heart so will be here to stay for awhile. He’s made from a brilliant pattern by Tanya at TNGifts, who I now refer to as the amigurumi bird lady 🙂 She is also an Ukrainian artist, and I highly recommend checking out her patterns on Etsy if you are so inclined.

The bird is made using a 3.0mm Clover hook and Phildar Coton 3 yarn in colors medium gray, yellow, orange, white for the wing tips, and flesh tone for the beak and feet. I used 1.0mm wire for the feet, and 6mm black safety eyes. He’s stuffed with poly fill. I used a small amount of household glue to keep his crest aloft. I now need to make this plushie his own perch; for now, he is resting at the edge of my crochet hook jar.

This project brings back fond memories of my adored Mr. P, my feisty feathered boy who flew to heaven a couple of years back. Mr. P was a pearly cockatiel who loved peanuts, his toys, and perching on my shoulder.

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