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Bloganuary: “What brings you joy in life?” + crafty bits

I’m on a roll now with five Bloganuary posts in a row, and five really meaty prompts. It’s a breakneck pace, I know, but I’ll try to keep up…

The things that bring me joy in life really boil down to simple things. Meaningful connections with other human beings and animals; creating something beautiful and/or useful, especially if it can be given to someone else; learning something new, and making positive use of the knowledge in my life. This blog, and social media in general, play a part in my quest to cultivate joy. I’ve connected, created, shared, and learned in this space.

It hasn’t always been easy for me to identify these simple truths about myself. In the past, I’ve searched for meaning and joy in things that were hollow. Letting go of the past is one of my fundamental life lessons, and I can’t have joy without doing it. I suppose the key to living a joyful life, in my case, is to find ways to connect, create, share, and learn every day. And lastly, to be grateful for each day I’m given to do it.

I’ve gotten a slow start with my crafting updates in 2023, but I am working on some fun things at the moment. Lately I’ve been keen to make more amigurumi figures, and I’m now making a llama that uses bouclé yarn, which is a really tricky fiber to work with. Knitters and crocheters will know what I mean. Even if one uses a large hook with bouclé yarn, it can be a challenge to find the loops to sew into – I have to use my sense of touch to make the stitches. You can see what I mean, in the photo.

It doesn’t look like much yet, but there is a llama in there, somewhere.

One more thing that brings me joy is travel. I’m preparing to leave for Hanoi in about 10 days, and I’ll be there for a week, soaking up the culture, handicrafts, and food. I will definitely post here. While I’m away, my boy Bodhi will stay with good friends and their adoring daughters.

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