Bloganuary: Write a poem about rain

WordPress, you are killing me with these. Today’s prompt (challenge?) is to write a post or a poem about rain. Being the overachiever that I am, I chose the latter, and upped the ante by doing a Petrarchan sonnet. English nerds among us can check that my rhyme scheme conforms. Do I get bonus points for record time? CAVEAT: It’s corny as hell (blame it on the rain):

Confession of a California Girl

Of all the types of weather that there are

Rain certainly is the most bothersome –

Nothing I can think of is more hum-drum

Than being housebound with my VCR.

Blue sky and sunshine I prefer by far.

Tempest toss’d? I’d rather carpe diem

Shades on, top down, and live the L.A. dream

Bone dry, thanks – anything else is bizarre.

And yet, I must admit that without rain

My cherished summer blooms would cease to be.

So to banish drought on the central plain

Know trees are renewed perennially

And see that lakes and rivers are sustained,

A little drizzle is alright by me.

Even though I am a California girl, I really do love the rain, so much – the sound, the smell, and the cleansing effect. I was just feeling a little contrary. Reminds me of a saying, sung adorably here:

“Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall” – Ella Fitzgerald and The Inkspots (1944)

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