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Bloganuary: “What brings you joy in life?” + crafty bits

I'm on a roll now with five Bloganuary posts in a row, and five really meaty prompts. It's a breakneck pace, I know, but I'll try to keep up... The things that bring me joy in life really boil down to simple things. Meaningful connections with other human beings and animals; creating something beautiful and/or… Continue reading Bloganuary: “What brings you joy in life?” + crafty bits


Dad’s 2022 Christmas ornament + year-end bits

Before the Christmas season is over, let me share with you my Dad's adorable tree ornament for this year. It's a miniature Starbucks specialty drink, inspired by the off-menu, best-kept holiday secret: the Santa Claus Frappuccino. If you want to know more about how to order one of these scrumptious strawberry latte creations at Starbucks,… Continue reading Dad’s 2022 Christmas ornament + year-end bits

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Holiday visitor – new cockatiel amigurumi

Just finished a new friend to add to my crochet menagerie - a life-sized cockatiel (nymphicus holandicus). This little plushie has captured my heart so will be here to stay for awhile. He's made from a brilliant pattern by Tanya at TNGifts, who I now refer to as the amigurumi bird lady 🙂 She is… Continue reading Holiday visitor – new cockatiel amigurumi