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Things I love about Korea, #137 – Unique Cafés

Whether in multi-story coffee palaces, or little jewel box hideaways, South Korea has embraced cafe culture. I’m not just talking about the international mega-franchises such as Starbucks and their ilk - although there are plenty of them here; Korea has its own set of corporate coffee peddlers, too (such as Angelinus, owned by Lotte Group).… Continue reading Things I love about Korea, #137 – Unique Cafés

Expat in Korea

A little Christmas shopping, Korea-style

Today I did some holiday shopping, and stopped at one of my favorite places in the city, Seomun Market. Tailors working in the DIY areaHats galoreMy quick lunch today: bibim guksu (noodles, vegetables, and chili paste). The green chili peppers are eaten raw, and taste a lot like a slightly spicy capsicum. I wrote about… Continue reading A little Christmas shopping, Korea-style

Expat in Korea

“Things I love about Korea” #298: Traditional markets (시장)

Photo: At Seomun Sijang in Daegu: Indulging in a sweet, sunflower-filled fritter called "hoddeok" 호떡 When I moved from California to Korea a decade ago, I experienced many layers of culture shock. It began with the language barrier, and continued with missing many everyday conveniences that I had always taken for granted. Shopping was just… Continue reading “Things I love about Korea” #298: Traditional markets (시장)