My Neighborhood

Part 2: Spring blossoming on campus w/video

I couldn’t resist sharing a few more photos and video of the height of Spring. The lilacs are out now, too, so that means I’d better hurry and get my yearly bunch before they’re gone. Video shows the petals dropping and giving the landscape its soft-focus appearance. I heard the call of pheasants today, too,… Continue reading Part 2: Spring blossoming on campus w/video

My Makes

New paper cut floral art from Japan

Now that I've finished painting my kitchen and living room area, it's time to think about organizing pictures I want to hang. Just today, I completed a wonderful little paper cut-out floral kit that I got on my trip to Tokyo last February, at one of my favorite paper shops and galleries, Ozu Washi. The… Continue reading New paper cut floral art from Japan


Birthday cake and Instagram giveaway

It’s my birthday week, so I set up a giveaway on Instagram for one of my Frontier shawls and a care package of surprise treats from Korea. Go to my Insta profile @the_frill_seeker and read the instructions! I’ll pick a random winner by June 23 PST. PHOTOS: Care package giveaway on Instagram @the_frill_seeker Choose a… Continue reading Birthday cake and Instagram giveaway