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Breakfast cookies recipe

On Tuesday, I had an early-morning Zoom cookie-making session with my young nieces in California (it was Monday afternoon for them). They made some pretty spectacular sugar cookies, while I watched, chatted, and mixed together my own breakfast cookies. Cookies for breakfast are absolutely allowed in my house. I'd like to share my own recipe… Continue reading Breakfast cookies recipe

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Things I love about Korea, #137 – Unique Cafés

Whether in multi-story coffee palaces, or little jewel box hideaways, South Korea has embraced cafe culture. I’m not just talking about the international mega-franchises such as Starbucks and their ilk - although there are plenty of them here; Korea has its own set of corporate coffee peddlers, too (such as Angelinus, owned by Lotte Group).… Continue reading Things I love about Korea, #137 – Unique Cafés