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Favorite toy makes of 2020; First “snow” this winter

Like so many people, I don't feel I accomplished as much this year as I'd hoped, but as I look back on my makes this year, I am pretty satisfied. I brought a spot of joy to some people in my life with my humble gifts, and I had fun in the process. The wire… Continue reading Favorite toy makes of 2020; First “snow” this winter

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Tractor amigurumi, plus ongoing WIPs

The tractor amigurumi is now finished! This cute little pattern is by Toota Toys and is available in Ravelry. PHOTOS: Finished tractor amigurumi dimensions: W 13cm; L 20cm; H 19cm from base to beacon The tractor has a lot of small parts - a counterweight, beacon, mirrors, headlights, mudguards, exhaust, and treaded tires with axles.… Continue reading Tractor amigurumi, plus ongoing WIPs