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Metropolis cardigan WIP mini update

I'm starting the second sleeve of the Metropolis cardigan this week. After finishing the sleeve, I will lengthen the bottom and add the button placket. Next week, I'll hopefully be able to visit the traditional market to find some lovely buttons. PHOTOS: Cardigan progress as of this week. The second sleeve is half done at… Continue reading Metropolis cardigan WIP mini update

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Post-typhoon nature walk, and crochet projects update

My posts are coming slower these days - I'm really bogged down at work, like so many educators during this pandemic. There is some wheel-reinventing going on that is unavoidable. I have plenty to be thankful for, including the simple pastimes that distract me from worries. That still includes going out in nature with my… Continue reading Post-typhoon nature walk, and crochet projects update

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WIP scarf and cardigan, plus – music I’ve loved during lockdown

Even during "normal" times, I really enjoy podcasts and music while crafting. More isolation has me reaching a little farther into my musical favorites. Here's a short list of what I've listened to recently, and a bit of background. In the last couple of weeks, we've had some monsoon weather with heavy rain, thunder and… Continue reading WIP scarf and cardigan, plus – music I’ve loved during lockdown

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Antique crochet pattern booklets; WIP update

I've been officially on break from my teaching duties for the last couple of weeks. Apart from my trip to Seoul, I've stayed relatively close to home, since the pandemic keeps me grounded, but not idle. While going through old papers in my home yesterday, I came across two vintage American crochet booklets from 1916… Continue reading Antique crochet pattern booklets; WIP update

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Finished Spice Market Mandala

After several months of stitching almost every morning, I've finished the Spice Market mandala. I started it way back in February, right before my trip to Tokyo. That means I've been working on it bit by bit for the last 5 months. Spice Market mandala is finished! Close-up video best shows the colors.… Continue reading Finished Spice Market Mandala


Birthday cake and Instagram giveaway

It’s my birthday week, so I set up a giveaway on Instagram for one of my Frontier shawls and a care package of surprise treats from Korea. Go to my Insta profile @the_frill_seeker and read the instructions! I’ll pick a random winner by June 23 PST. PHOTOS: Care package giveaway on Instagram @the_frill_seeker Choose a… Continue reading Birthday cake and Instagram giveaway