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Kirigami snowflakes

I had the sudden urge this morning to make some paper snowflakes, the way I used to as a kid. Luckily I have loads of beautiful origami paper in white and wintry colors to play with!

Kirigami is a Japanese word that describes this kind of craft – “kiri” = cut, and “gami” = paper. It refers to a single sheet of paper that is usually folded, then cut into a symmetrical design, such as snowflakes, flowers, or stars. Origami means to fold (ori) paper (gami). You can see some examples of that craft in a previous post.

I recommend checking out a video tutorial on the website, – it’s easy to follow, and shows how to take regular copy paper and make it into a square, which is the shape needed to begin your snowflake.

These are proper hexagonal snowflakes. The only other tools needed, apart from any size square paper, are scissors (or an Exacto knife, for perfectionistas 😂), and a pencil, if you want to draw the places where to cut.

The large snowflake is made from 30cm square origami paper.

All in all, a lovely morning that took me back to the simple Christmas joys of childhood. Peace and see you again soon!

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