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Wire bird sculpture, and future craft projects update

Greetings! The days are slipping by so quickly, now that I am on my Winter break. I thought to update you on what I’ve been doing craft-wise, and a bit of what I plan for the next few months.

I haven’t forgotten my new-year promises to finish those straggling WIPs. The Celtic hearts place-mat from my previous post is almost done and ready to block. My lovely sock project is stalled until I receive my order of Malabrigo Flavia yarn – it takes about a month (!) to receive yarn shipments from Europe or the U.S., to South Korea. Once I get that skein, I’ll whip up the second sock and share with you.

Happily, I have so many projects and ideas to keep me entertained. One I did most recently is something completely different; I made a wire bird sculpture for the first time.

I got the idea when by chance I found out about Zack Mclaughlin of Paper and Wood, an amazing London-based artist. I was simply browsing some photos on Instagram and was floored by his wood and paper bird creations; he also uses wire to create forms, and apparently he has occasional workshops to teach simple techniques. I subscribed to the artist’s newsletter, and in it came a template for making a wire bird.

I was intrigued, and of course always want to try something new. As luck would have it, I had recently bought some wire to reinforce one of my dolls, so I knew where to get it in my city. I have managed to find several colors of wire, in sizes similar to what he recommended I use. I chose red, because it has a beautiful glow to it, that doesn’t quite come out in the photos.

I tried to enjoy the process, and not worry about everything being too “perfect,” which I think is important when learning a craft – part of the enjoyment are those happy accidents that happen when you are just having fun. The result came out pretty cool indeed, enough to make me want to try again soon. I recommend checking out the incredible creations at Paper and Wood, on Instagram @paperandwood_ , or

Today, I got the treat of receiving a shipment of yarn that I’ve waited about a month for. That’s a pretty typical time-frame for me, as I mentioned above, unfortunately – sometimes I momentarily forget why I ordered something!

This box contained a bunch of Scheepjes skeins that I have planned to use for projects in the Spring. For one of these projects, I’ll be using Miyuki glass beads that I will buy in Tokyo next month.

I’m still waiting for two more packages of yarn, hopefully to arrive in the next week or two, before I make my trip to Tokyo. I will write more about the upcoming trip as it gets closer!

In my next post I’ll share more about that thrifted, re-made jacket in a previous post, and how it went over with my niece (hint – she loves it)!

I’ll leave you with a photo of my dog Bodhi, wearing his jacket that I embellished with a Pac-Man ghost.

Take care, and see you again soon!

PHOTO: Bodhi in his jean jacket. Ghost patch made with acrylic yarn, and felt eyes.

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