Welcome! Please sit in the comfy chair…

The home should be the treasure chest of living.”

Le Corbusier
Crochet V-stitch swatch. Doin’ it “for the love.”

Welcome to my new blog and extension of home, The Frill Seeker. Please make yourself comfortable, pull up a comfy chair, let me pour you some tea (or a cocktail). Think of this space like a corner of my home; a mental garden, as it were. In the beginning, things will naturally look a bit sparse, but I hope to color the landscape thoughtfully with some of the simple joys of my life.

I’ll concentrate on my crafting passions, which are fiber and paper arts – mainly knitting, crochet, sewing, origami, and mosaics. Over time, I might share a thought or two about my life as an expat, travel, people, food, books, and culture. My posts will always focus on the creative.

I know that covers a lot! To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how this blog space will develop. But I do know I have way too many interests, and I’m grateful and excited for a space where I can share. I am an eternal learner, which will be evidenced by the things I post. My vocation is “teacher,” but I approach life with the mind of a student.

For the first time in many years of living abroad in South Korea, I’ve decided to blog publicly. I hope to connect with like-minded crafty people, although I am open to where the blog spirit takes me! After the next several months of blogging, I’ll share my first original pattern for knitting or crochet, so please check back to see my progress. I will need volunteer stitchers to try it out.

Also – I’m not so good at taking photos (yet), so please bear with me as I work on my skills there. Hope to share the best views I can with you!

I named this blog The Frill Seeker, firstly, because every good blog needs a catchy pun. More importantly, the name tells of my appreciation of and search for beauty in all its forms, and those many little “extra somethings” in life that ignite my creativity – whether it be the drape of a fabric, a new city to visit, or an unexpected kindness.

Please, come visit often! I look forward to sharing.

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