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A mini craft update; Korean daisies

Now that I’m nearly done with the semester, as well as the massive Spice Market mandala project, I can start to turn my attention back to some other makes. One of them is a sweet little mermaid amigurumi that is about half-done. She has a lot of promise as a favorite make, but there are a lot of details that aren’t yet right with her. I’ll post again in a week or two once I’ve progressed a bit.

The white Frontier shawl is done and needs a home. I found a home for the orange version of the shawl, which I will be mailing to Massachusetts this week!

Just want to share with you a few photos of how the forest path has transformed, yet again. Mid-summer has brought in what I like to call the “jungle” – which is the profuse superabundance of vegetation that takes over the Korean countryside right about now. Wildflowers are tall, short, leafy, bushy, leggy, vine-y, you name it. One simple beauty that is a bit overlooked since it is so common, is the Korean wild daisy, also known as erigeron, or fleabane.

Erigeron can be found in different incarnations all over the world. Depending upon one’s point of view, this wildflower is seen as invasive, or romantic. It’s a prolific seeder and it attracts all kinds of cool pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, and their ilk. If you find a field of erigeron (such as those I see in the countryside where I live), they cast a subtly sweet aroma.

Thanks for stopping to visit! I’ll be back soon with more of my little corner of the world. Since world events prevent me from traveling abroad this summer, I look forward to treating my readers to some of the beautiful details that can be found here on the Korean peninsula. See you in July! 🙂

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