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We’re getting big thunderstorms and flooding this week in Korea, thus I had to postpone my trip to Andong again, hopefully for a time before my classes start again.

Meanwhile, I’m staying dry and occupied with paper and yarn. I pulled out some of my Tokyo origami papers yesterday to make a beautiful little Chinese-style box, which is a ori/kirigami hybrid. There is a little cutting and a lot of folding on this one! I really enjoyed making this pattern from Paper Kawaii, a favorite website for simple origami patterns and ideas.

Apart from paper folding, I’m working on many yarn projects, including three shawl patterns with laceweight and 2-ply yarn. I’m at slightly different places now with all of them.

I’ve included some photos of where I paused today. The first photo is the start of a long lace scarf called Early Leaves by Katya Novikova, using scrumptious 2-ply Australian merino in Cha-Cha Pink from Morris and Sons  in Sydney, Australia. I’m using a 4.25 mm hook.

The second photo is of the Fedde stole with Shibui Pebble, in color Imperial – I’ve been working on this lovely but slow-going stole for a couple of weeks now. The third pic is of the Key West shawl in more of that squishy 2-ply merino. This last blue one is an especially fun one to make, and is almost finished! When the rain subsides, I will take it out for photos so you can see the color well.

Another project that has been lingering for a long time – my little mermaid, whose turquoise mane of hair is finally finished! I’ve braided it, and will let it rest for the next couple of days to give it some wave. I have only to finish her tail, outfit, and details on the face, then she will be presentable.

Finally, I’d like to show you one of the most beautiful (but least delicious) fruits of the season, coming from southeast Asia – the dragonfruit. Have you ever seen one of these ostentatious fruits? In Korean it’s known as yong-gwa (용과). The inside is white with small black seeds, and the flavor is bland, not sour or intense like the peel suggests. The first time I had this fruit was several years ago in Thailand, where they are plentiful. These days, I do all of my traveling through food, the Internet, and my travel memories.

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