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New WIPs + ash reshteh recipe

Just a quick update to share a few things I’m managing to fit in during my uni’s mid-term week. Sometimes I cook a big pot of soup before I know I’m going to be busy for a few days. This time, I made ash reshteh, which is an Iranian noodle soup that is often eaten around Nowruz. I meant to make it closer to last month’s Nowruz holiday, but didn’t have all the ingredients assembled at that time.

Noodles are something of a novel ingredient in Iranian cooking, as rice is the principal starch. Noodles are eaten at the start of something new and are thought to bring good fortune to a new endeavor.

Here I share a few photos of some of the raw ingredients – onion, garlic, herbs, beans and lentils – and the finished product. I did substitute a carrot for the beet, since I couldn’t find one. I think beets are out of season now in Korea, and they are somewhat rare, in any case. I also made my own lovely stock, from lamb bones I had saved from Easter. There’s no meat in this soup, though.

I’m also juggling the usual stitching projects, and started a new one with this fabulous yarn by Berocco called “Mykonos.” It’s a blend of cotton, linen, and nylon, and has a subtle sheen to it. I’m making a big, airy stole that will use 12 hanks of color #8556 Zeus, a glowing midnight blue.

I’ve had this yarn for quite some time, and realized recently that it is now discontinued. I’m so glad I bought a big quantity before it disappeared. I also have 2 hanks of pink that are earmarked for a cowl. The work is moving fast, with lots of net and offset shells so far. The piece is acquiring a nice weight and silky texture. I’m using a 3.75mm hook.

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