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New origami to love: Duck

Working with paper is always close to my heart, even if I sometimes get absorbed in my stitching projects and don’t spend time with paper for a few weeks. You can see a few examples of my paper makes in previous posts, here, here, and here.

Yesterday evening I pulled out some wonderful foil papers in anticipation of my Tokyo trip, and decided to try a new duck figure by Jo Nakashima.

The foil washi is lovely to work with, and this gilded paper set comes in several different colors. I hope to find more of this type in different sizes while I’m shopping in Tokyo next week. The paper I used for the duck is 15×15 cm, which is a size I use for a lot of figures, but I need some larger-sized paper for more complicated figures.

My Tokyo trip will definitely help me get a bit of my “paper-mojo” back! I’ll see you again soon with some more paper makes, and a finished crochet object that’s been a long time coming. Thanks for stopping by!

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