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Latest lacy shawl make is now ready to wear

My Key West shawl made with superfine 2-ply merino is now blocked and finished! It was one of the more enjoyable stitch patterns I’d done recently – thanks to the lovely free pattern from Kristin Omdahl.

I can’t quite explain why I enjoyed making this one, definitely more than the manual process of the Fedde stole that I currently have underway. Both are beautiful, but this one has a series of stitches that seems more “musical” to me. Sometimes my crafting is done to rhythms in my head, and I find that the Fedde is “musically” more monotone in its construction process, although the finished product will be dazzling to the eye.

I know; I’m a geek!

The color is a saturated periwinkle that is hard to capture in photos. It will look best against dark colors (black, plum, browns).

I’ve decided to use my other ball of Morris & Sons merino (hot pink) for an identical shawl. I had started another project with it, but wasn’t happy, so changed it to this.

Meanwhile, I continue in my spare time more of the hobbies that bring me joy, and look forward to to a new uni semester in about three weeks. I’m a bit worried, since half the time will be spent in the classroom (the other half, online), but I really miss being with my students after these long months of lock-down and uncertainty. The strictest of safety measures will be in place, that’s certain. I’ll share more of my thoughts in another post.

Thanks for stopping by! See you again soon.

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