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Old and new crochet WIPs with flower motifs

I like to crochet small-sized motifs during the hot summer months. One of my lingering projects (almost 2 years!) is a huge blanket made of octagonal and square motifs, which have a wonderful texture reminiscent of matelassĂ©. At this writing, I have almost all the squares finished, and seven more octagons to go; after that, I’ll sew them all together.

I’m always a bit ashamed when I put aside a big project for a long time, but I’m trying not to scold myself too much. I just lost interest in it for awhile, despite how lovely it is becoming. It is a well-written pattern designed by Priscilla Hewitt, and I think keeping in mind a special person to receive it will spur me on.

I can drag my heels when it comes to finishing old projects, but I have no problem starting new ones. Yesterday I just began another flower motif project – a belt with connected segments. This one calls for cotton thread and a 1.90mm hook. And why not use pink and white! (It’s actually leftover Scheepjes yarn from my Spice Market mandala).

I’ve been wanting to crochet a belt for some time, and if it goes well, I might make another one. The motifs are so cute, too. They could be fashioned into sleeve edges, a collar, bag trim…

The finished belt will tie in front with a cord and have tassels. Check back for my progress on all this! I post here so my readers will keep me honest (i.e. on-track with finishing what I start).

Love & good health vibes to all!

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